Saturday, January 9, 2010

Aapam & Thenga paal

Pacharisi – 1 cup
Boiled rice – 1 cup
Urad dhall – ¼ cup
Methi seeds – ½ spoon
Salt - As required
1. Soak both the rices and methi together for 2 hours and ural dhall for just one hour.
2. I used mixie to grind the ingredients as the quantity was less. But grinding in the grinder can give better results.
3. First I prefer grinding the urad dhall till fluffy and then ground the rice as a thick batter.
4. Add the salt to the rice and ural dhall, mix, let it ferment for min 10 hours
5. When making the aapams dilute the batter with the 3rd coconut milk.
6. Heat the aapa kadai.
7. Pour the batter in the centre and rotate the kadai so that the batter spreads in the kadai.

8. Close the kid till aapam cooks.
9. Once it is cooked serve with coconut milk!
Coconut Milk:
Cococunt -1 scraped
Elachi -2
Sugar - 6 Spoons

1. Scrap the coconut and grind in the mixer with 1 cup of water
2. Strain the juice and again grind with another cup of water
3. Grind again with another cupt of water and strain the juice. This shall be used for diluting the aapam batter.
4. Take the 1st and 2nd cups of coconut milk, add the sugar(add or reduce based on your preference), also add the elachi.
5. Bring to just one boil
6. Serve with aapam.

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  1. Wow... Welcome to the blogging world Anu. Glad you took the leap. Hope you have a nice time here.

    Appam and thenga pal is a good combo.