Thursday, August 12, 2010

Decoration with Chalk Powder

I requested DH to to buy ceramic powder for making ceramic jewellery from the hardware shop but he ended up buying chalk powder. I didnt know anything to make from that. But once I bought it I googled day and night, (yes its true) to make use of it. You know its such a costly thing! Costs Rs.14 per kg :-)

Sad that not many used chalk powder extensively. So I replaced the ceramic powder art works with chalk powder and started my expedition and here is my first work(First conceived but finished last)!

It is a candle holder bought some 3 years back without much use.. Stuck DD's photo and decorated with the flowers made from a mixture of chalk powder and Fevicol MR.
Shaped the mixture(should be like chapathi dough) into flowers and leaves. Used Fevicryl pearl acrylic colors to color them and stuck it on the candle stand with Fevi qwik.

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